Our Scholarship Program


At Madaras School and Talent Centre we believe that Education is the strongest lever for personal development and capable, active citizen are the strongest level for long term, sustainable change. The Management together with its partners will award merit-based scholarships to bright and motivated, financially disadvantaged leaners. Our desire under the scholarship program is

Building People: With each scholarship provided, a talented learner who lacks financial means to formal education will actualize his/her dreams to a better world.

Building Nations: Every scholar receives mentoring, training and coaching and becomes part of our unique network of future decision makers that will derive our country forward in an economic, political and social way

The selection will be rigorous following a strict criteria to ensure that only the needy and vulnerable benefit.

Academic Scholarships

Scholarship offered to high-achieving academic performances in all subjects. This scholarship is meant to give opportunities to bright pupils and students who do not have the financial means to unlock the full potential of their intelligence.

Talent Scholarships

We offer full or partial scholarships for pupils who show extraordinary potential in music, all types of sports, art, drama, acting or any other areas of talent. Our scholarship covers tuition, and costs related to talent nurturing and development.