About Us

An Overview

Our Vision

Leading innovative centre of excellence in the promotion of access to quality education and talent development in Kenya and beyond.

Our Mission

Bring inspiration and innovation in the teaching/learning process and talent development in Kenya and beyond.

An Overview

The Madaras School and Talent Centre is a community led mixed day/boarding school – A Project of the Madara Self Group located at Riat Koluoch Centre within Kanyasa Ward, Karungu Division in Migori County. The school provides room for the normal teaching and learning process with emphasis on Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) and on equal measure supports creative learners to enhance and nurture their talents.

Within our approach is an atmosphere of mutual care, respect and discipline. We also emphasize on pastoral care to nurture a well-rounded and enterprising student. The Madaras School and Talent Centre cares about its student’s social and academic welfare, happiness and comfort.

We offer education at pre-primary level, primary school, and secondary school, in the new CBC curriculum structure. Admission to our school is merit based, with a section of our learners sponsored by different parties to pursue different academic or talent endeavours. 

Core Values

Self Awareness




Intellectual Curiosity


Our History

The Madaras School and Talent Centre started with a simple vision: to institutionalise talent development in rural areas where such platforms do not exist for talented young men and women. 16 years later, we have achieved tremendous success with the support of our community members, stakeholders, government and a number of partners.

Our strength as an institution lies in our vision, our mission and our core values.

Our institution was founded by the honourable Dr. Ida Odinga on 16 December 2021. We currently are admitting pupils and students at all levels.